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6 Water Damage Warning Signs to Look Out For

To save yourself the hassle and expense of constant cleanup and repair from water damage in your basement, it's good to be aware of the warning signs before they become larger problems. As soon as you notice one of the six warning signs happening in your home, be sure to act promptly to prevent it from causing further damage.

For a list of six water damage warning signs to be on the look out for, check out the article below.

1. Musty Odor

If you venture into the basement and notice any musty odors or consistent unpleasant scents, try to locate where the stench is coming from to identify its source. Musty odors are an indicator that mold, dry rot, and/or mildew is present, which means something is decaying. If not treated properly, mold and mildew can be harmful, so it's best to call a professional who can give you more direction on next steps.

2. Damp Spots On Walls

Pay attention to spots on the wall that become discolored. If the wall is painted, the paint will darken, and if the wall is unpainted, the wall will appear as if it's wet. Either way, this is a sign that water has leaked and moisture is seeping through. These areas need to be monitored and in some cases, repaired.

3. Mold Or Mildew

Be mindful of the fact that mold and mildew are living organisms. This means they can grow. In basements, mold and mildew are often found in walls, furniture, carpets, or anywhere it can feed off of. Where there is mold or mildew, there is likely water damage.

4. Dry Rot

Dry rot is wood decay caused by fungi. It can grow on wooden structures, walls, and other surfaces in your basement. Dry rot is also known as "brown rot" because it's identified by its brownish-black color. Like mold and mildew, dry rot looks for a food source and multiplies when fed. This is a clear sign of water damage.

5. Cracked Walls And Floors

Bottom line is cracks in walls and floors are caused by something— usually from settling, pressure, or something else. If you happen to spot a crack in your basement, it can be a sign of water leaking below the surface, and this needs to be addressed by a professional. Take note of the shape, size, and direction of the crack, and monitor it to see if it gets larger.

6. Warped Paneling

Any indication of bulging in your paneling or just the paneling not lying flat is an indicator that moisture exists and water damage is present. Unfortunately, if you notice warped paneling in your basement, it has to be replaced, but it's better to act sooner rather than later to prevent more water damage.

If you happen to notice any of the previously mentioned warning signs appearing in your basement, call us at 844-607-3838 or send us an email at so one of our trained waterproofing technicians can take care of the issues you're experiencing.


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